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Exploring Hidden Wonders: The Garrone Caves in Piana degli Albanesi


A Journey into the Depths of the Earth

The Garrone Caves are the result of millennia of interaction between water and limestone rocks, giving rise to a maze of underground passages, chambers, and caves that extend for kilometers beneath the surface. Their formation has been shaped by the patient work of water, sculpting stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes and sizes, creating a fascinating and suggestive underground world.


Diversity and Astonishing Beauty

What makes the Garrone Caves so extraordinary is their incredible diversity. As you venture inside the labyrinth of caves, you'll be greeted by open spaces and majestic halls with high ceilings, alternating with narrow passages and more intimate chambers. The cave walls are adorned with mineral formations of captivating colors and shapes, capturing the gaze and stimulating the curiosity of visitors.


A Historical and Cultural Experience

In addition to their natural beauty, the Garrone Caves are steeped in history and culture. Over the centuries, they have been explored and visited by individuals from all epochs, as evidenced by the graffiti and marks left on the walls. These marks remind us of the ancient connection between humanity and nature, prompting us to reflect on mankind's innate curiosity to explore and discover what is hidden beneath the Earth's surface.


The Subterranean Adventure

For those seeking an unforgettable experience, exploring the Garrone Caves presents an exciting opportunity. However, it's important to be well-prepared before undertaking this adventure. Explorers should wear suitable clothing and footwear, bring powerful lights and safety equipment, and preferably be accompanied by experienced guides who are well-acquainted with the cave system and the challenges that may arise.


Getting to the Garrone Caves

The quickest way to reach the Garrone Cave is by car, following the Google Maps itinerary at this address.

Once you've parked your car, follow an uphill path for about 1.5 kilometers. The last part of the path is quite steep. Technical clothing such as hiking shoes, long pants, and a jacket are recommended, as it gets chilly inside. The first part of the cave, serving as an entrance, is illuminated by daylight and is a typical bell-shaped collapse cavern. The access is from above, and the path extends along a very steep and slippery slope consisting of a cone formed by rocks from the ancient fallen vault, completely covered in soil.

At the entrance of the cave, the Phyllitis scolopendrium fern, which is frequent only locally in wet areas, grows.

The Sentiero Italia CAI (Italian Alpine Club Trail) passes 100 meters from the Garrone Cave. Once you reach Portella del Garrone, right where there's a bunker, the Sentiero Italia turns left to descend to Piana degli Albanesi. If you take the path to the right, after 100 meters you'll find the cave. Suitable clothing and footwear (hiking shoes) and a jacket are recommended as it's cool inside.


A Heritage to Preserve

The Garrone Caves are not just a natural treasure, but also a heritage to preserve for future generations. It's important to visit and explore these underground wonders with respect for the environment, avoiding damaging the delicate natural formations and following the established rules for cave conservation.



The Garrone Caves in Piana degli Albanesi offer an extraordinary experience for anyone wishing to delve into the depths of the Earth and discover the hidden wonders below. With their astonishing beauty, captivating history, and the opportunity to venture into a unique underground world, these enchanted caves are an irresistible attraction for explorers and the curious of all ages.

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