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Discover Novara di Sicilia: an enchanting village steeped in history and beauty. Explore picturesque streets, admire breathtaking views, and savor authentic Sicilian cuisine. Book your journey now to uncover this hidden gem

Novara di Sicilia: Unveiling a Hidden Treasure in the Peloritani Mountains


Revisiting the History and Culture of Novara di Sicilia

Immersing in history, Novara di Sicilia boasts architectural wonders that narrate the story of centuries past. The heart of the town, the Mother Church of San Michele Arcangelo, is a testament to faith and artisanal mastery, inviting visitors to admire its intricate design and historical significance. This cathedral offers a glimpse into the city's religious wealth, creating a serene atmosphere for reflection and exploration.


Natural Beauties and Outdoor Adventures

Novara di Sicilia's allure extends beyond architectural marvels. The nearby Gorges of Alcantara attract adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Carved over millennia by the Alcantara River, these splendid basalt rock formations offer a captivating backdrop for hiking, photography, and simply reconnecting with nature. The gorges provide a refreshing escape from the hectic pace of modern life, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in the island's natural beauty.


The Crypt of Mysteries

It all began when I contacted Deputy Mayor Salvatore Buemi (whom we warmly greet) along the Sentiero Italia CAI in Sicilian territory. Immediately available to show us the beauties of the area and, above all, eager to acquaint us with the history of his enchanting village. Initially, a visit to the hamlet of Badiavecchia, where the abandoned Cistercian monastery resides, still exuding that charm that compels you to discover more about the history and legends of that town. Later, the visit moves inside the town, to a bar to be exact, to savor excellent coffee in the company of administrators and assessors.

Then, the visit to the Mother Church of the village of Novara di Sicilia. Enchanting. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, dating back to the 16th century, guides the tourist to discover a magical place. A wide staircase and a monumental facade do the rest. We enter, and immediately notice the three aisles with side bays containing chapels. I stop to observe, inspect, and photograph the details while Salvatore and Mario Affannato (owner of the Giorginaro water mill, editor's note), who were there to set up the church, spoke in hushed tones.

All of a sudden, a question catches me off guard: 'Did you know that there's a crypt underneath here?'

Obviously not. Those who know me know how much these things intrigue me.

A hatch opens right under the altar, and a staircase magically appears. The desire to discover and know what's down there is overwhelming... We descend, and in front of me, mummies are displayed! You understood correctly. Perfectly preserved thanks to the microclimate inside. In a display case, there are also two mummified cats. They were trapped inside and never managed to get out. Look at the photos and the video to better understand what I mean...

I never expected to make such a discovery, but you know, Italy still has much to learn and discover...


Savoring Sicilian Flavors

No trip to Novara di Sicilia is complete without savoring the culinary delights of the region. Sicilian cuisine, a fusion of Mediterranean influences, delights the palate with fresh ingredients and bold flavors. From savory pasta dishes enriched with local olive oil to delectable pastries that satisfy sweet tastes, the city's restaurants offer a gastronomic journey reflecting the island's diverse history.


Panoramic Views and Tranquil Retreats

One of the most precious gifts of Novara di Sicilia is its sweeping panoramic views. From hilltop vantage points, visitors can admire the Alcantara Valley and the sparkling waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. These views not only provide an Instagram-worthy backdrop but also a tranquil retreat where the mind can relax and find peace in the beauty of the natural world.



Novara di Sicilia, a hidden treasure among the Peloritani Mountains, invites travelers to embark on a journey of discovery of culture, nature, and charm. Its historical monuments, breathtaking vistas, and culinary delights make it a destination worthy of exploration. Whether you seek architectural wonders, outdoor adventures, or a taste of authentic Sicilian life, Novara di Sicilia promises an unforgettable experience that will resonate long after the journey's end. Leave the ordinary behind and embrace the extraordinary in this captivating city, where past and present intertwine in harmonious beauty.

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