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Tourist or Traveler? A philosophy of thought that has been ongoing for generations. But what are the differences between these two mindsets?

Tourist vs. Traveler: The Ongoing Battle of Mindsets


It's the question that each of us asks before planning a vacation. The "philosophies" of thought are diametrically opposed. There are those who prefer to relax and fully enjoy their beloved holidays, while on the other hand, there's a challenge involving budget and organization. The one writing at this moment belongs to the second group.

But what are the substantial differences to understand which category you belong to? Which of the two options do you think you fit into?

In reality, there are at least ten points to understand which category you might belong to. Let's begin!

  1. The tourist is the one who prefers a vacation focused on total relaxation, everything needs to be meticulously planned by someone else. The traveler, on the contrary, is the one who organizes the vacation themselves. Completely low-cost, at least a month before departure. AT LEAST. 
  2. The tourist relies on travel agencies, doesn't want to waste time, and just wants to relax. The traveler organizes everything on their own, flight and hotel reservations, airport shuttle, lunches, dinners, and cultural activities. They always book everything well in advance with extreme meticulousness. 
  3. The tourist needs to be organized at least six months in advance down to the smallest details. If something is out of place or time, they immediately call the person who organized it to express their frustration. The traveler never knows if they'll make it, the unknown is always around the corner. They rely on their instincts and hope that everything goes well. Otherwise, they adapt. 
  4. The tourist is the one who would visit a place even 50 times in their life because they liked it so much. The traveler is capable of having visited 50 countries just for the sake of checking off visited places. 
  5. The tourist never sleeps in a hostel or tent. They can't comprehend how there could be people who pay to sleep on the ground or eat on pieces of wood. The traveler adapts, sleeps wherever they can, and eats whatever is available. 
  6. The tourist brings their entire wardrobe: two suitcases, three backpacks, and heaven forbid anyone touches their beauty case! The traveler brings at most a small trolley and a bag, so they don't have to pay extra fees to airlines for checked baggage. 
  7. The tourist photographs everything, even unnecessary things sometimes. You can see the traveler rushing through the city as if there's no tomorrow, just for the thrill of capturing as much as possible and visiting as many places as possible. 
  8. You can immediately recognize the tourist because they wear a polo shirt, jeans, and comfortable shoes. The traveler wears what they have: a short-sleeved shirt, sweatpants, and in their backpack, all the necessary gear in case of rain. 
  9. The tourist prefers organized tours, even if they cost €200 per excursion. The traveler creates their own, improvises hidden paths to avoid paying a cent and to take home the fond memory of a solo journey. 
  10. The tourist sees the world through flat perspectives. The traveler broadens these perspectives and fully enjoys every moment.

Which one are you? Which category do you belong to?

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