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Italy is famous for its extraordinary natural beauty, and among the many hidden gems the country has to offer, Mount Amaro stands out as one of the most captivating destinations for hiking enthusiasts. Located in the heart of the Majella National Park, Mount Amaro is the highest peak of the Majella mountain range, offering breathtaking landscapes, unique flora and fauna, as well as the satisfaction of conquering a significant summit. In this article, we will explore how to reach Mount Amaro and what to expect during the hike

At the Peak of Majella: Hiking Trail to Mount Amaro



Before embarking on any hike, it's crucial to be well-prepared. Here are some points to keep in mind:

Know the Route: Study the route you intend to follow carefully. There are different paths to reach the summit of Mount Amaro, so choose the one that best suits your skills and preferences.

Equipment: Ensure you have the proper equipment, such as sturdy hiking boots, weather-appropriate clothing, a comfortable backpack, enough food and water, and a map or GPS.

Physical Condition: The hike to Mount Amaro requires good physical condition. Regularly engage in physical activities to prepare for the demands of the hike.


Choosing the Itinerary

As mentioned, there are several routes to reach the summit of Mount Amaro. Here are two of the most popular options:


From Fara San Martino to Mount Amaro

The starting point of the trail is just before the Gole di San Martino. You can park your car at the parking lot just outside by using this GPS address: Parking of Gole di San Martino

Park your car, enter the gorges, and admire the splendid Monastery of San Martino in Valle. After about 30 minutes, you'll reach the first fountain (Fonte di Vaiz Long), and after another 40 minutes, the second fountain (Fonte delle Vatarelle). Continue along the CAI trail until you reach the beech forest of Macchialunga. Along the way, you'll find the last small fountain (Fonte Milazzo) before continuing along the H1 trail, but not before stocking up on water.

Continue along Val Cannella, a beautiful glacial amphitheater, then take the trail west to reach the first refuge: Rifugio Manzini. From here, continue until you reach the entrance of Tre Portoni and follow the ridge with signs to reach Mount Amaro.


From Rifugio Pomilio to Mount Amaro

The starting point of the trail is at Rifugio Bruno Pomilio, by entering this GPS address: Rifugio Bruno Pomilio

Park your car and take the paved road in front of you. After about 1.5 km, you'll reach a small shrine. This is where the paved path to Mount Amaro begins.

Follow the initial ridge until you reach Tavola dei Briganti (about 30 minutes) and the location of the first water fountain. Refill your supplies and mentally prepare to face the climb towards Bivacco Fusco and the view of Anfiteatro delle Murelle.

In about 40 minutes, you'll reach higher ground, just before the last water fountain. Recharge your bags and bottles because you'll need them.

Continue towards Monte Focalone (2,676 meters) and then experience a series of ups and downs along Tre Portoni. After this point, follow the ridge that will lead you to the cross of Monte Amaro and Rifugio Pelino.


From Fonte di Nunzio to Mount Amaro

The starting point of the trail is at Fonte di Nunzio, in the Pacentro area, using this GPS address: Fonte Di Nunzio

Trail P5 starts right from Fonte di Nunzio with clear signage within the beech forest. After about an hour, you'll reach Fonte dell'Orso (1,800 m). Beyond the fountain, the view opens up, revealing the Fondo di Majella amphitheater.

You'll enter the Forchetta di Majella (2,390 m). From here, you'll enter the beautiful Altopiano di Femmina Morta, and from here, you'll already start to see the red Pelino bivouac.

Continue to climb until you reach an altitude of 2,793 meters at Monte Amaro.


During the Hike

The hike to Mount Amaro is an unforgettable experience that offers much in terms of nature and adventure:

Breathtaking Landscapes: Along the trail, you'll be surrounded by spectacular views, with glimpses of Majella and the surrounding areas that change at every turn.

Flora and Fauna: The Majella National Park is known for its rich biodiversity. During the hike, you might spot rare species of plants, flowers, and animals, including chamois, golden eagles, and Apennine wolves.

Personal Satisfaction: Reaching the summit of Mount Amaro will give you a sense of personal accomplishment. You'll enjoy an incredible panoramic view that rewards the efforts made to get up there.


Safety and Environmental Respect

During the hike, safety is paramount. Respect the rules of the National Park, follow marked trails, and take all necessary precautions to avoid injuries.

Furthermore, it's essential to respect the surrounding environment. Leave no traces of waste, do not harm flora or fauna, and stay on designated paths to preserve the fragile ecosystem of the region.



The hike to Mount Amaro is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Italy's pristine nature and enjoy breathtaking views. Preparation, attention to safety, and respect for the environment are key elements to ensure a memorable and fulfilling experience. With the right mindset and the will to face the challenge, reaching the summit of Mount Amaro will be an unforgettable achievement for every hiking enthusiast.

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