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Celebrate the sacred art and spirituality of the 18th century through the life and works of Matteo Sebastiano Palermo Tirrito, known as Father Fedele from San Biagio Platani. Explore the fusion of painting, poetry, and religious devotion that defined his extraordinary journey, leaving a lasting imprint in the history of art and faith.

Father Fedele from San Biagio Platani: Capuchin Friar and Artist


An Early Life and a Calling

Matteo Sebastiano Palermo Tirrito was born in San Biagio Platani, a charming village in Agrigento, to Nicola Palermo and Maria Tirrito. From a young age, he demonstrated a deep inclination for both art and spirituality, a combination that would shape the course of his life. His education and calling led him to join the Order of Capuchin Friars, where he would take on the religious name of Father Fedele.


Interwoven Art and Spirituality

Father Fedele from San Biagio Platani was not just a Capuchin friar, but also a highly talented painter. His artworks reflect the enchantment and devotion of his soul. With skillful brushstrokes, he captured the essence of faith and spirituality, bringing to life biblical scenes and sacred depictions that conveyed depth and emotion.

His paintings were not mere artworks; they were windows to the divine, taking the viewer on a mystical journey through the beauty of art and the depth of faith. Father Fedele's technical prowess blended with his deep religious devotion, creating works that inspire contemplation and reflection. Among paintings and sculptures, he created over a hundred and fifty-six large altarpieces and around three thousand works of varying sizes. His paintings are even exhibited in Rome at the papal courts, rightfully entering the ranks of the most important painters of sacred art in the Sicilian artistic landscape of the 18th century.


The Literary Side

In addition to his painting skill, Father Fedele was also an esteemed poet. His words flowed gracefully and deeply, conveying his love for God and humanity. His poems ranged from spiritual lyrics to reflections on life and nature. His writing was another manifestation of his profound connection with the human soul and the divine sphere.


The Legacy of Father Fedele

Matteo Sebastiano Palermo Tirrito, Father Fedele from San Biagio Platani, left an indelible mark on 18th-century art, literature, and spirituality. His ability to convey spirituality through art and words is a testament to how creativity can become a channel for expressing intimacy with the divine.

His works, both artistic and poetic, continue to inspire and captivate those who encounter them. His life and dedication offer a tangible example of how art, faith, and vocation can merge into a single expression of beauty and inspiration. Father Fedele from San Biagio Platani is a guiding light that continues to lead those who seek connection between earth and sky through creativity and devotion.

Birth: January 18, 1717

Death: August 9, 1801

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